Inside The Program

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Module One Workbook

    3. Lesson One: Beliefs and Core Values

    4. Authenticity and Conscious Processing

    5. External Resource: The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz, Jr.

    6. A message from Dr. Falisa

    7. Lesson Two: Effective Communication

    8. Dr. Falisa's Notes

    9. Guided Mindset Meditation

    10. Lesson Three: The Self

    11. Let's chat about Module One

    1. Introduction

    2. Module Two Workbook

    3. Lesson One: Self-Reflection

    4. Lost & Found: Dr. Falisa's Journey

    5. External Validation and Self-Approval

    6. Dr. Falisa's Notes

    7. Let's chat about Module Two

    1. Introduction

    2. Module Three Workbook

    3. Imposter Syndrome

    4. Personal Fulfillment

    5. Conclusion

    6. A letter from Dr. Falisa

    7. Certificate of Completion (download & sign your name)

    8. Let's chat about Module Three

About Authentically Me

  • $99.00
  • 26 lessons
  • Virtual Community
  • Self-Guided with Lifetime Access
  • Monthly Live Coaching Sessions

What People Are Saying


“My expectations at the beginning of this course were to develop a better sense of awareness regarding what was important to me, and important to my life. The ongoing process helped me to recognize the importance of self-love and self-care. To acknowledge what is imperative to my emotional state of being without guilt was dynamic. The live sessions added an element of collaboration between individuals who actively participated in my development. It also helped enhance my listening skills and broaden my perspectives on the various subject matters we discussed collectively. A breakthrough moment for me was acknowledging my need to control a scenario. Also, acknowledging my core values and how important they are to me. The impact this had on me was first, to learn to be gentle with myself and realize it’s okay for me to “let go and let God.” Secondly, my core values made me feel good about WHO I am. Operating in a safe space is key for me and being coached by Dr. Falisa Asberry provided that safe space throughout this course. Her guidance was always professional, nurturing, and caring. I will always cherish her sense of humor which helped to relax and balance me. The Authentically Me course has helped me believe in myself, and trust myself. It has also taught me how to practice gratitude on a daily basis. I am continuing to learn how to check my emotions and not give my power away…a biggie for me. The journey to being “AUTHENTICALLY ME” is a continuous work in progress but a rewarding one!”

Loretta Lockhart

“Dr.Falisa is amazing! She listens so well and is very patient and understanding. She sees my blind spots and has helped me navigate through trauma and self-doubt. She constantly reminds me to be authentic and impeccable with my words. Having her as a coach honestly has been life-changing. Who knew just changing small things about how I think and what I do would make such a big difference? Having a life coach is something I think everyone would benefit from and is worth the investment! I’ve noticed how I react to certain things in life and it’s nothing like how I used to be, that’s how I know that having her as a coach is making a real impact in my life. I’ve had instant results!! ”

Verified Member

“If you feel like you've given your power away, allowing others to define you, and you're ready to get the coaching and support required to bring you back to the highest version of yourself, Dr. Falisa is the coach for you! Say YES to feeling unapologetically GREAT about YOU again. Join today and get the party started!”

Dr. Jeanine M. Staples

“From my first conversation with Dr. Falisa, I felt a connection. My original plans were to have her coach my daughter, however, she ended up coaching me. For 2 months I cried in nearly every session. In the year that we have been meeting she has coached me through all of my life’s challenges, be it kids, job loss, financial, and emotional struggles. She’s also coached me through struggles with self-esteem, family, friends, and LIFE! The good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. Not only have I seen my growth and development but my family, friends, neighbors, and my coach have witnessed and applauded it. This has been a tremendous journey and I am so glad I invested in myself. It has been truly worth the cost to feel this uniquely and authentically me. Thank you Dr. Falisa, my coach, for partnering with me to be my authentic self!”

Tiffany Hailey

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What Makes 'Authentically Me' Different?

By enrolling in this course, you'll embark on a life-changing experience, unleashing your authentic self, and creating a future filled with empowerment, self-belief, and personal fulfillment. Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in yourself and embrace the life you deserve.

  • Practical Strategies for Personal Growth

    Discover practical strategies and exercises designed to nurture your personal growth. From cultivating self-love and practicing self-care to shifting limiting beliefs and embracing your worth, this course provides step-by-step guidance to help you unlock your inner strength and achieve lasting transformation. Develop the mindset and skills necessary to thrive and create a life you truly love.

  • Unleash Your Authentic Power

    This course will guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Learn how to tap into your authentic power, overcome self-doubt, and embrace your true potential. With practical tools and insights, you'll gain the confidence to create positive change and live a life aligned with your deepest desires.

  • Supportive Community and Guidance

    Join a vibrant community of like-minded women on the same journey toward authenticity and empowerment. Through the course's private group, you'll connect with others, share insights, and receive valuable feedback. Plus, benefit from personalized guidance and support from the course facilitator, ensuring you have the tools and encouragement you need to succeed.

Meet Your Coach

Dr. Falisa Asberry

Dr. Falisa Asberry, CEO and founder of Peacock Training and Consulting Group, LLC, is an inspiring leader based in Cleveland, OH. With nearly three decades of law enforcement experience, she developed a fascination with human behavior and a passion for helping individuals overcome dysfunctional relationships. Driven by a desire to make a difference, Dr. Falisa pursued a doctoral degree in Psychology, specializing in counseling. Her expertise in emotional intelligence and leadership studies enables her to provide practical advice and guidance, empowering clients to communicate effectively and build successful relationships. Dr. Falisa's dedication, authenticity, and commitment to personal growth make her an invaluable resource in her role as a transformational life and strategy coach.


  • Who is this course for?

    While the course content is designed to be informative and transformative for anyone, it's catered to individuals who identify as a woman and are at least 18 years old. Younger participants may find some topics more advanced or mature and the virtual community is primarily curated for women.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We currently accept major credit and debit cards for payment. Our payment process is secure and ensures your financial information is protected.

  • What if I change my mind after enrolling? Do you offer refunds?

    We understand that circumstances can change, but due to the digital nature of this course, we are not able to offer refunds at this time. Some unique situations may warrant an exception and we do want to be fair to all parties involved. You may contact our team at [email protected] for inquiries.

  • Will I receive a certificate upon completing the course?

    Yes, upon completing the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion that acknowledges your dedication to personal growth and self-discovery. This certificate can be a valuable addition to your achievements.

  • Can I share my course access with others?

    No, sharing your course access with others is not allowed. Each individual should enroll separately to fully engage in the course experience. Sharing access compromises the integrity of the course and may lead to account suspension.

  • How do I access Live Sessions

    Live sessions are optional and will be conducted through a secure online platform. Prior to each session, you'll receive access details and instructions on how to join. You can participate using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Is my personal information kept secure?

    Yes, we take your privacy seriously. Your personal information is stored securely and is never shared with third parties. We adhere to strict data protection policies to ensure your confidentiality. Your name will be shown in the course community area, but if you wish to remain anonymous you can contact our team at [email protected] to do so.

  • How can I get technical support during the course?

    If you encounter any technical issues, our dedicated support team is here to help. You can reach out to us via email or through the course platform, and we'll assist you in resolving any problems you may encounter.

  • Does this count as therapy?

    Dr. Falisa, an experienced psychologist specializes in offering transformative coaching services that blend therapeutic insights. Although not a licensed psychologist, Dr. Falisa brings a wealth of psychological training to her coaching approach. She gives clients the unique advantage of benefiting from coaching and therapeutic perspectives. It’s important to note that Dr. Falisa does not engage in diagnosis or therapy. If therapeutic intervention is required, she is committed to facilitating appropriate referrals to licensed professionals who can provide the necessary support Dr. Falisa offers a holistic and supportive coaching experience tailored to your growth and well-being.

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